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Our CFG Family currently has two active giving initiatives. First, we have a yearlong partnership with International Justice Mission, the largest anti-slavery organization in the world.  Second, for the month of November, we have our annual food drive supporting Denver Rescue Mission, a local non-profit that houses and feeds the homeless and marginalized in the Denver area.


Click the logos below to learn more about each of our initiatives and how to get involved.  

cfg giving philosophy


No matter your political, social, or religious beliefs, this phrase is almost universally agreed upon.

Science is even proving that altruism has a positive impact on the stability of societies as well as the physical and emotional well being of individuals. 

In the financial advisory arena, this is not discussed nearly enough. Why? In a word...GREED.


Greed can be found in both clients and advisors. Clients can fall into the trap of wanting to constantly see their account grow. Advisors can fall victim to the income incentive that is tied to growing an account to a larger value. If we make money, you make money. Or so the saying goes.

But, is that really what this is all about? Is there not more to life than stockpiling wealth? Haven't you ever wanted to make a difference in the world?

Working with a financial advisor should always include a conversation, and sometimes a gentle nudge, to see how you can make a positive impact in your world. This can be giving of your time, your talents, or your treasures. 

No matter how you give, how much you give, or how often you give; give thoughtfully and joyfully!

Make a difference in your world.

giving campaign archives

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Denver Rescue Mission

November 2018

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