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A financial plan is great. But sometimes, it is not necessary. 

Perhaps you already have a financial plan. Maybe you have an elaborate Excel workbook you made yourself. You could be a savvy "Do-It-Yourself" investor. Or, maybe you really just have one topic you need help with.

We can help, no matter your situation. 

We will review your current financial plan. We will dive into your employee benefits options. We will help you negotiate your mortgage. 

Sure, you are paying for help upfront, but it can help save a headache in the long-run. 

Financial advice doesn't require a long-term commitment.


Hourly Rate

Financial Plan Review



Hourly advice can be a great option for someone that does not want to commit the time or the money to a full financial plan.


Often times, Do-It-Yourself investors or self-employed professionals are looking for help in very specific areas and this allows them access to experienced financial advice without a long-term commitment. 

Financial plan reviews are simply a review of your current financial plan along with general recommendations and updates to the plan.


If the changes are so drastic that our recommendation is to create a new financial plan, your Financial Plan Review fee can be credited towards your CFG Signature Plan. You can learn more about CFG Signature Plans here.

Need some experienced financial advice

Everyone's goals, career, and life look very different.
Your financial advice needs to be as unique as you are. 

Contact us today for your complimentary consultation. 

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