Each and everyday, doctors are following these three steps. Observe, diagnose, treat. In that order. Period. 

Doctors, often times, have the responsibility of people's lives. Financial advisors, on the otherhand, have the responsibility of people's livelihood. 

Why is it, that when it comes to financial planning, the same procedure is not followed?

When choosing a financial professional, it is imperative that you demand they follow the same due diligence that you do every single day. With every patient. No matter what. 

That unwavering commitment to detail is not something that you should compromise on when it comes to the financial health of you and your family. 

Demand excellence in the details.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery




All CFG plans come with a 1-year, money back, 100% satisfaction promise.*

Seriously. If after the first year you are not completely satisfied with the plan or service, we will write you a check for your entire first year's fee. Learn more.

Resident or Fellow

After receiving your long white coat, the work is really just beginning. ​This level would be ideal for residents or fellows that are struggling with student loans and have not entered their high earning years.

  • Complete financial plan

  • Personal finance education

  • Debt repayment strategy

  • Saving plan

  • Education funding strategy

  • Objective client advocacy

Attending Physician

Once out of training, physicians experience decreasing debt, increasing income, and minimal free time. This package is where we see most physicians land in the first 5-8 years of their career.  

  • All of Level 1

  • Cash flow advice

  • Family planning​

  • Home purchase/rent advice

  • Coordination with other professionals (CPA and attorney)

Partner or Retired

Some doctors want (or need) greater levels of service because of career trajectory or complexity. We find that partners in private practices or retired doctors generally end up in this service level.

  • All of Levels 1 & 2

  • Cash flow management

  • Major purchase negotiations

  • Charitable giving strategy​

  • Foundation creation

  • Trust services

No two financial plans are the same.

These packages serve as our foundations. Often times, doctors are not sure what sort of planning or service they need. These offer a starting point based on our experience and understanding of what doctors generally need at each stage of their career.  


However, every plan is completely customizable

to fit your specific needs. Learn more.

We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action."

         -Dr. Henry Link

You have committed years of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars to the pursuit of this career. 

You have sacrificed family gatherings, social outings, and short-term financial stability. 


Suddenly, your life changes. Challenges will never cease in this career, but you thrive on that.

Unfortunately, financial challenges for doctors are just as persistent. Huge student loans, rapidly escalating income, and a general lack of financial education.


Over the last 40 years we have served doctors and their families reach their goals of:

  • Paying down debt

  • Buying a home

  • Buying a practice

  • Retiring early

  • Funding private education

  • Buying a vacation property

  • Building an estate

  • Giving generously

  • Starting a foundation

Don't see exactly what you're looking for

Everyone's goals, career, and life look very different.

Your financial plan needs to be as unique as you are.

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