Investment management


There is a lot of noise out there when it comes to investing. Countless theories, strategies, and "can't miss opportunities" are more abundant than anyone can really keep track of. 

Turn on CNBC and in a matter of 10 minutes you could hear one "expert" telling you to buy, another "guru" telling you to sell, or even worse, you could hear oversimplified advice on cookie-cutter investing and asset management.


Let's clear one thing up, there is no one-size-fits-all investment strategy floating around. 


It is paramount you truly understand your goals, concerns, and risk tolerance.  Once this is accomplished, you can design and implement a customized strategy that addresses your needs.


Finally, you need to have the patience, discipline, and long-term perspective to see your strategy through.

Investing takes patience, discipline, and a long-term perspective.

Chief investment officer

Investment advice is about educating, empowering, and encouraging clients all along the investment life cycle. Serving as Chief Investment Officer at CFG for the last decade, Alex takes a vested interest in assuring that each client understands their individual tolerance for risk, their unique values and goals, and the various investment options available to them.


Some of these options can include:

  • Buy and hold brokerage accounts,

  • managed mutual fund models,

  • low cost ETF models, or

  • actively managed individual equity portfolios. 

Investing is not about maximizing returns at all cost. Investing is about maximizing returns in light of the values, goals, and appetite for risk of the individual investor. This cannot be done in haste. Sound investing takes patience, discipline, and a long-term perspective.


Alex Leonida


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Our team is passionate about educating and empowering investors to make wise financial decisions. Our CFG YouTube channel, CFGtv, is a great place for clients and visitors alike to gain a fresh perspective on investing from our team. Each week you can subscribe to receive our Monday Morning Minute, a 60 second market and political overview. You will also receive our quarterly CFG Market Recap, educational content, and more.  



 It has been said that the only certainty in investing is that there will be periods of uncertainty.

It is this fact that creates the need for a long-term view when it comes to investment management. Warren Buffett once said, "Successful investing takes time, discipline, and patience."

Successful investing also requires a level-head and confidence that your strategy is sound and your portfolio is well managed.

Financial storms can be terrifying and painful if you are not properly prepared, but they can be planned for and managed effectively.  


Dollars Invested*

Annual Fee**

(as a percentage of dollars invested)















*Each fee level is marginal, just like the tax brackets. The first $250,000 will always be charged a 1.2% fee, the second $250,000 will always be charged a 1.1% fee, and so on.

**1/4 of the annual fee will be billed each quarter based on the current value of the portfolio at the end of the previous quarter.

There is much more to investing than just making money. Priorities vary and goals differ.

Customized, bespoke investment management means we build your portfolio from scratch, based on your goals, values, and concerns.

We specialize in socially responsible and values-based investing (ESG). Because our portfolios are built to order, for each client, you know exactly what you own and why you own it.


If your investment manager cannot explain the what and the why behind your investments, that's a problem.  




Just getting started with investing

We have investment solutions for those just starting their journey, as well.


As little as $5,000 can get you started in a diversified, managed account.

Contact us today for your complimentary consultation