You're smart. You're driven. You're successful. And it didn't happen overnight.

A strong financial plan doesn't happen overnight either. It is a process. It is a collaborative project that requires a dialogue, great listening, and a complete understanding of the entire situation. 

Anything less just isn't financial planning.

Insurance agents, stock brokers, money managers, and accountants often stake claim to the service of financial planning or the title of financial advisor. 

While they can all play a role in a sound financial plan, they themselves are typically not planners. 

We are planners. We are paid a fee for our objective advice. We are fiduciaries that act solely in your best interest.

Planning is process, but it doesn't need to be painful.

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CFG Satisfaction Promise

If after the first year you are not completely satisfied with the plan or service, we will write you a check for your entire first year planning fee.*

Never look back unless you are planning to go that way."

-Henry David Thoreau


ongoing service

After the initial CFG Signature Plan, there is still much to be done, but the heavy lifting has generally been completed. Because of this, our ongoing service options are much less expensive than the first year planning fee. We look at this as a maintenance and service package for your financial plan. Life happens and things change, having someone to call that understands your situation is vital to continued financial well being. 

Annual Meetings

Annual strategy update

Scheduled phone calls

Unlimited email support


Semiannual Meetings

Semiannual strategy update

Unlimited phone calls

Unlimited email support


Quarterly Meetings

Quarterly strategy update

Unlimited phone calls

Unlimited email support


Own a small business?

Already have a plan?

Small business owners have their own set of challenges and needs. Learn more about our planning options here.

Have you already developed a financial plan but would like another set of eyes to review it? We can do that here.




You work hard for your money, but you are more than your account balances. You are someone with a very unique set of values and goals.

Planning should be about your life, and how money fits in. Not the other way around.

The planning process is a highly personal, often emotional experience. Your advisor needs to fully understand you and what you want out of life.


Working with the CFG team will help to provide the strategy, direction, and accountability to start using your resources in a way that aligns with your values. 

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