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food drive 2018

thanksgiving food drive

Thanksgiving evokes a sense of joy and gratitude for many Americans. But for everyone in a prosperous, abundant season of life, there is another that is struggling and without. 

Our first #CFGgives initiative will benefit Denver Rescue Mission. With this partnership, CFG is committing to donate up to 20 turkeys to match non-perishable gifts from the CFG Family.


Read more about the two different ways you can give below.


Our goal, as a CFG family, is to provide 20 meals for under-served families in the Denver metro area this Thanksgiving. We invite you to share this with your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors in order to ignite reckless generosity in Denver this November!

Download our flyer and share!

Two Ways To Give

Option 1 - Non-Perishables Only

Fill a paper bag with all the items on the shopping list and drop off before Friday, November 16th at the CFG Office.

The CFG Team will be matching a frozen turkey (up to 20 turkeys) with every bag of non-perishables that we donate!

Be sure to fill each bag with one of each item on the shopping list as each bag will provide one dinner for a family.

Option 2 - Frozen Turkey & Non-Perishables

Fill your paper bag with the non-perishable items on the shopping list AND buy a 12+ lbs. frozen turkey


The CFG team will be going, as a team, to drop off our donations at 5:00 PM on Friday, November 16th.


Option 2 Drop off location: 

     UC Health Training Center

     3655 E. Broncos Pkwy.

     Englewood, CO 80112

  • Boxed mashed potatoes

  • Boxed stuffing

  • Canned fruit

  • Canned vegetables

  • Canned yams

  • 12+ lbs. frozen turkey***

***Frozen turkeys only accepted on Friday, November 16th at UC Health Training Center

Shopping List

Want more information? Live out of the area? You can donate directly to Denver Rescue Mission by visiting their website here.​ Or view the Thanksgiving Turkey Drive flyer here.

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